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Monthly Archive for June, 2007

Book Report

A week ago, I talked about some books I had ordered and my great hopes for what I was going to learn. [I was having a low moment as a mother and found myself groping for advice, any advice, that would work and help me feel more successful as a mother.] Now that I’ve had […]

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The Rules

The Yarn Harlot recently published a post about how, when writing in a blog, it’s not like writing in a private journal; rather, it’s like speaking into a microphone in a really large room. It’s true – you never know who might come across your post and read what you’ve said. I am not familiar […]

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First Food

Last night, I was sitting in the glider eating my supper (yes, sometimes we eat in the living room at our house). Joey was on the floor in front of me, watching intently. I’d put a bite of food in my mouth and chew it, and he would mimic my chewing motions. So I decided, […]

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…and Upside Down

In an update to yesterday’s post…when Steve got home, he said traffic at the earlier hour was actually worse. Perhaps because he is driving just to the edge of town and everyone else has to go futher in so even though they don’t have to report for duty until 8:00, they need to be where […]

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Inside Out and Backwards

Last Friday, Steve’s boss called a department meeting. One of the things on the agenda was the proposal of keeping “summer hours” in their department. Summer hours meaning that everyone would come to work at 7:30 (instead of 8:00), leave at 5:00, and then leave early on Friday. Yesterday the new hours became official. This […]

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Ben sitting on his potty, singing, Tinkle, tinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are.

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