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Monthly Archive for March, 2013


My first “real” yarn. As in, an entire ball of fibre spun consistently from beginning to end, plied and finished. Here’s the story. Fiber from Knit Picks. 100% Wool of the Andes Roving, color Bare. Singles…as they appear after being slid off the spindle shaft. Worsted spun. Shown with a coin for size perspective. Pretty […]

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Color Affection

It’s here! It came in the mail yesterday…and I am already into the second section. The yarn is fabulous. Very springy and not splitty at all. Pure joy to knit. You’re thinking, “Um, Color Affection? Why are you posting black and white photos?” Those are color photos, baby. Yes, the yarn is three perfect shades […]

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The thing about knitting Hitchhiker with sock yarn on sock needles [aka tiny stitches on tiny needles] is that other seemingly difficult projects become easy peasy in comparison. Take Pomme de Pin (Ravelry link). A week ago, it looked like this: Knit in one piece from the bottom up [yes, that means fronts and back […]

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All in a Day’s Work

I’ve added a new hobby: spinning. No, I don’t have a spinning wheel. I have no room for such a thing plus I have Joey the Engineer who would be constantly messing with it. No, thanks. I do enjoy using spindles, though. Today I have my largest cop (ball of yarn wound on a spindle) […]

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I’ve had this yarn in my stash for what seems like forever. Malabrigo Yarn Sock, color Rayon Vert. I purchased it at Personal Threads at the end of 2010 in our annual trip there for the year-end sale. I liked it so much, I bought three skeins of it, thinking I would make a shawl […]

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