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Monthly Archive for February, 2012

Silk Road Socks

Over the weekend, this… …turned into this. I think they look so pretty on my toes. And since I’m working so hard on my Florida cardigans, I thought I would wait to cast on another pair of socks until we get ready to leave on our trip. Indeed. Then I clicked on a certain ad […]

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Oh Darn!

The Yarn Harlot has been quoted to have said that when a hand-knit sock of hers gets a hole in it, she holds it over the trash can and says “Oh darn!” as she drops it in. I must confess, I join her in this sentiment. A year ago I knit my mom a sweater […]

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A Couple Cardigans

Every year knitters make sweaters to wear to Rhinebeck and other famed knitting events. I have never attended any of these events so I have never gotten to knit a Rhinebeck sweater. A couple weeks ago I bought plane tickets to attend my 20th high school reunion. In Florida. I had intended to make two […]

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Joey the Builder

Some of Joey’s recent creations. This was inspired by the picture on the side of the Lincoln Log tin. And the other side. Note the patio on the back. Shall we call this a multi-media creation? And finally…Joey the Soldier. With his sword and shield. Note that his shield features a special “poker” [down by […]

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Yesterday I picked up my copy of Earl May’s 2012 Flower & Vegetable Seed Guide. With snow on the ground, it is certainly not time to start planting any time soon. But it is time to start planning. I have made more than one attempt at gardening over the years. When I first moved to […]

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