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Monthly Archive for August, 2008

Grow Where You’re Planted

We walk by this house every day on our morning walks. It’s a rental. With a landlord that just wants to collect rent. The roof is old. The siding is falling off. The blinds in the windows are bent up and don’t match. There are a couple of window air conditioners, which means it probably […]

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As always, more Wordless Wednesday here.

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He’s Got the Walk

Joey’s new favorite toy – my heels. I’ve left them out a couple of times recently (I hate wearing heels and take them off the moment I enter the house), and he has discovered the joy of walking around in them. As a bonus, they make great noise on the wood floor. Click on the […]

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Reversal of Fortune

You can’t take yourself too seriously when you enter things in the fair. See those two sweaters above? The one above is simple garter. In other words, plain. Yes, there are color changes, but they are at the end of the row. Very simple. The other is knit with fine yarn and has perfectly executed […]

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Big Shoes

I went through our budget this week. With Steve’s paycheck, after we pay the mortgage, student loans, car payment/tags/insurance, gas/electricity, water, trash, cell phones, cable/internet, groceries and gas, there is only $150 leftover for everything else. Everything else includes home maintenance, car maintenance, Target/Walmart (dish soap & toothpaste), clothing, gifts, entertainment, dining out, knitting, beer […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Tired

Seen at the County Fair. More county fair pictures here. And more Wordless Wednesday here.

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