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Monthly Archive for May, 2008


Announcing…the worst knitting disaster ever. At least in my knitting life. I mean, I’ve accidentally felted things ever so slightly enough for them to no longer to fit. But that was my fault. This wasn’t. For the record, I used the yarn specified in the pattern. The garment looked fitted in the magazine, so I […]

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The Wild Horseman

If you took piano lessons for any amount of time, and got, maybe, to the intermediate level, then you learned how to play The Wild Horseman, which is the song that keeps running through my head every time I see Joey with the broomstick horse. I had some Christmas money leftover from Steve’s brother Schon, […]

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The Leader of the Pack

Brrrrmmmmm! [You know what song I’m thinkin’ of…]

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Graham Cracker Man

We’ve discovered Joey’s favorite food.

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A Virtual Tour

When I rented the lens and flash, they filled out a paper credit card ticket as collateral. Next to the flash, they wrote $300. Next to the 16-35mm lens, they wrote $1200. And those were used prices. I think the flash – a 550 – would have sold for around $500 when it was new. […]

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