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Monthly Archive for April, 2008

What I Really Wanted to Say…

So these are my new kitchen curtains. The ones they replaced were hand knit by me to a tune of about 40 hours per valence, if I remember correctly. Since we’re putting the house on the market and the window coverings are typically sold with the house, I wanted to make something else to put […]

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I wish I could say I took this photo. I just love it. It’s a picture of my niece who lives far away and whom I have never met in person. Thank goodness for the internet!

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Parallel Play

Generally, parallel play is the term used for toddlers and small children who will happily play in a room together but just play next to each other without really interacting. At our house, parallel play means following Daddy around and doing exactly what he is doing. Mowing the lawn together. Watching Daddy to see when […]

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All Aboard!

Last weekend, we went to Iron Horse Park in the historic Haymarket district of downtown Lincoln. Steve had been there with Ben after a baseball game, but I had never been there. They have this mural on the wall that is 3-D – the train is actually coming out of it. Of course, Ben enjoyed […]

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Wide Open Spaces

While my parents were here, we made a trip to the farm. I came home with 175 photos, which is why it’s taken so long to go through and upload them. We visited the farm place Steve grew up on (pictures are now here) and then went across the way to his grandparent’s place where […]

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A Little Bit of Fun

Sorry for the absence. We’ve been swept up in the flurry of getting the house ready to put on the market. I’ve spent my limited “fun time” doing things like going to the park with the boys – must enjoy the nice spring weather – rather than blogging and such. [More park pictures here.] As […]

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