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Monthly Archive for February, 2008

Front, Back, and One Sleeve

It’s coming along. Actually, grinding along is what I’d rather say. I don’t know why this sweater is such a grind, but it is. I’ve discovered it goes easier if I talk on the phone or to a friend while I knit. Listening to podcasts helps too, but isn’t quite as effective. I think part […]

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How to Eat a Cracker

Put the cracker in your mouth. Look up at the camera while you chew. Put the cracker in your mouth again. Be sure to focus – eating a cracker requires serious concentration. Take a look at the cracker and admire your progress. Put the cracker in your mouth again. Be sure to smile for the […]

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Photo Sunday: New Shoes

A couple days ago, after the boys had taken their baths, I decided Joey needed to start wearing the new Robeez I had stashed for him in the next size up. He was completely enamored with them. In fact, he couldn’t stop admiring them. Note to self: Next time you want to get new shoes […]

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Last night, Ben started telling us about this place called “Hoonose.” They have trucks there. And a big crane. Steve and I were looking at each other, thinking, What on earth is he talking about? We asked him some more questions, but then he clammed up and wouldn’t say anymore. Steve finally shrugged his shoulders […]

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Coming Along

It’s coming along. My sweater. The one that’s going to keep me warm. I got about as far as it looks like I got in that picture over the weekend. Finished the back and got halfway up to the armhole on the front. But pictures can be deceiving. This morning at 4 a.m. when I […]

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The Olympic Trials

A couple years ago, during the olympics, the Yarn Harlot got this thing going where you chose a really big project – one that really intimidated you and pushed your limits as a knitter. You started it at the beginning of the olympics and had to finish it by the end. So the knitters had […]

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