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Monthly Archive for February, 2008

Big Entertain

In my parents living room are a couple of occasional chairs with footstools. To Joey, however, they were an great opportunity to entertain. Start out between the chair and the stool so you can put your feet on the chair and push in order to get up on the stool. There you go. Stand up […]

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It is so good to be home. I mean, I love my parents dearly, but their lifestyle is so different from ours. They’re always on the go. I don’t think Joey got a single nap while we were there, other than sleeping in his carseat or in someone’s arms while we were doing something, which […]

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Yesterday we went to the zoo instead of Disney due to the chance of rain. [We will go to Disney on Monday now.] Today was our day to be homebodies. Mom and I have finished cooking, and Dad, Steve and Ben are at a classic car shoe. Joey is asleep. The only sounds I hear […]

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Which side do you like better – left or right? Do you see why finishing is so much fun? Results, baby. Results! And this one’s really rolling. I tried a few different seaming ideas, and settled on the best one fairly quickly. It’s flying. Finishing is so fun, it makes you feel like you just […]

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I’ve said before, I love finishing knitting projects. You take these separate pieces that are pretty but really nothing by themselves, seam them together and create this single beautiful object. It takes days to knit the individual pieces, but in a matter of hours, you can turn it from a pile of pieces into a […]

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In Honor of a Saint

Have you ever wondered what a saint looks like? It’s Saint Valentine’s Day, after all. Here’s one for you: This would be St. Steven. My husband. That’s him watching the boys while they take their bath. It’s one of his favorite activities – can you tell? One of his favorite line’s is one he got […]

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