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Monthly Archive for January, 2008

The Closer

When I think of a “closer,” I think of the guy comes in after everyone has done all this negotiating and seals the deal. But that’s not what this post is about. No, we have this cute little boy who has discovered the joy of closing doors. Such fun it is! And he’ll play nicely […]

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My Husband, the Interior Decorator

I love this wreath. It was actually a wedding gift from one of my college friends, Mindy, who stood up for us at our wedding and who just had a little baby boy on January 10, but who is (alas!) blogless. The wreath is made with corn husks, which seemed appropriate since we live in […]

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Remember my whining about wanting my own header picture like other people have on their blogs? Well, maybe you don’t remember, but I did whine about it. More than once. And yesterday morning, I figured it out. Quite simple, in fact. Embarassingly so. That’s okay. I have a header photo now that I am in […]

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PIF (pay it forward)

Okay, I’m being silly today. Participating in one of those blog things that spreads like a virus. But seriously… I got it from Alissa over at Life’s Little Adventures. Here’s how it goes: If you’d like to take part, be one of the first three to comment mentioning that you’re signing up for the PIF […]

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Playing Together

My mom wanted to know what the boys do when they play together. Here’s your answer. And yes, life at our house is always this nice. Yup. Ben’s hair always looks like that, too.

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The Little Chef

Last night Ben was doing some imaginary cooking. Steve was watching the football game, and Ben would go over to the kitchen, “make” him something, then bring it back to Daddy, and Steve would pretend to eat it and say “yum, yum, yum,” without missing a single play. Ben made him more food than a […]

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