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Monthly Archive for January, 2008

Warm [sorta]

Last night I talked with my parents. They went on and on about the glories of their electric blanket. But I still don’t have one. They did make a useful suggestion though – wear a hat to bed. You know, a nightcap. One that covers my forehead and ears. So I did. And I got […]

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The Wall

I’m thinking this is what I could do to hang those pictures of the boys on “the wall” in the basement. I have some really cool wooden clothespins. All I need is proper wire to attach the clothespins to and proper hooks to attach the wire to. Hmm….

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Let Me Count the Ways…

How many ways have I heard people say my name? Well, when people see my name spelled, they typically say it like the “tana” in Montana. When they hear it said, they inevitably add a y to it and call me Tonya. The most creative pronunciation was my high school biology teacher who said the […]

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Yesterday it was 58 degrees. And yes, we went for a walk. I wore my 3/4 length pants and a long sleeve knit top. The wind was from the south, and on the way back (when we were going north), I got a bit warm. Today our high will be 16. Gah! I ordered yarn […]

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Flipping through iPhoto this morning, I came across this fun series of Ben playing his new ‘tar at Christmas. [Click here to see the set with all ten photos.] It’s funny…he used to call his cement truck the ‘ment truck, but just this past week, when we got that toy back out again, he has […]

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The Longest Weekend

It’s the longest weekend of the year. No football. They’re taking a week off before the Super Bowl. And NASCAR season has yet to begin. Though, as I write this post, I see we only have 22 days, 25 minutes and 57 seconds until the Daytona 500. So near…and yet so far. Whatever am I […]

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