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Monthly Archive for September, 2007

Sure Thing

Every Saturday morning, Steve makes his predictions for the outcomes of some of the football game. He usually picks two or three for his “locks” of the day. Today, his lock is that his alma mater will win. Nebraska is playing Iowa State in Lincoln. His undergraduate degree was Agricultural Studies with a minor in […]

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A Cardi for Susie

Remember this? ‘Tis finished. I actually did the trim last week, but I had to put it on display and walk by it and admire it for a few days before I decided for sure that I like it and that it was going to stay. And since a cardigan alone might not get worn […]

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What’s wrong with this picture? (You need not be a knitter to see it, though you probably need to be a knitter to diagnose it.) That’s right – the stripes don’t line up. Why? Inconsistent tension. Aka gauge. The g-word. These are the two front halves of the little cardigan I’m making Joey. The yarn […]

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Big Boy

I took the boys to the library today for story time. It’s been on my list of intentions for quite some time, but never got any further than that. Other things, other things… I didn’t tell Ben what we were doing until about an hour before we had to be there. Part of it was […]

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In the knitting world, there is a perpetual discussion of UFOs or UnFinished Objects. Generally, either people have startitis and start projects all the time but never pick them up again after the initial knitting session(s) or they do everything but the finishing – the blocking and seaming and such. In many circles, people get […]

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I know I’ve mentioned it here before, but I have two crazy boys right now so no time to look it up… The latest thing in the knitting world is Ravelry which is where you can post pictures of your stash and completed projects, including all the juicy details like what yarn you used, finished […]

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