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Monthly Archive for August, 2007


The house is clean and tidy (except for a couple forlorn corners – the top of the chest in the guest room, the utility room shelves, and the shelves in the office, for goodness sake!) and I am calling it quits for the weekend. We are hosting a football party Saturday afternoon (with just one […]

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Two Heads

I’m still fine-tuning my daily routines, but we are doing well so far. This morning I asked Ben if he wanted to make his bed by himself or if he wanted me to help him. He thought about it for a moment and then said he wanted to make it by himself. So while he […]

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Well, we seem to be doing pretty well with our daily routine. We made supper, washed the dishes, and did baths before Steve got home from work. The house wasn’t as tidy as I wanted it to be, but it was a far more peaceful evening than usual. We were able to spend the evening […]

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I am trying to review our schedules and find ideas online and come up a new routines that incorporate Ben more into what I’m doing so he isn’t so bored all the time. When I tell people that sometimes it seems like he’s bored, the suggestion is always to send him to preschool. But say […]

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Eye Candy Friday

I just love that picture! How did I take it? I used a piece of white posterboard, laid it on my bed, and arranged my knitting on top of it. For specific camera settings (aperature, ISO, shutter speed), click on the picture and then look at the exif data in flickr. I shot the picture […]

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RIP Charcoal Slog-a-long

The Charcoal Slog-a-long at one of its glorious stages. I’ve decided that the Charcoal Slog-a-long I was knitting for Steve is going to bite the dust. There were a number of problems with this project. I make the neck in front too deep and really needed to re-do it. The sleeve I had half-finished was […]

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