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Monthly Archive for July, 2007

Quips and Quotes

One of Ben’s birthday gifts was a t-ball set along with a set of bases. Steve’s been teaching him to run around the bases after he hits the ball off the tee. The other day, Steve and Ben were out in the back yard, and Steve asked Ben what we should name his baseball field. […]

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Eye Candy Friday

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Brotherly Love

I know I complain sometimes about how things aren’t perfect at our house. There’s whining. Complaining. Potty training “accidents” (lots of them!). Ben will randomly go over to Joey and hit him, knock him over, or slam his head again the wall for no apparent reason. Sometimes I even lose my patience and yell a […]

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Some Knittin’

Right before all the hoopla started last weekend, I grabbed a number of my finished and on-the-needles knitting projects and snapped some pictures. Here are the highlights… This is a little Pack-Pack from Little Turtle Knits that I actually did the technical editing for Theresa back before Joey was born. I felted it last winter […]

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Birthday Boy

Today is actually Ben’s birthday. Instead of yammering on about the day he was born, I offer you pictures of the cake my mother made and the party we threw for the little birthday boy. {Click on the picture below to be taken over to Flickr where I’ve loaded all the pictures} On a side […]

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The Cake

Okay, I’ve cleaned the house – basically. I have done the main things – cleaning the floors and the bathrooms. But a bunch of piddly stuff remains, like putting things away and back together, if you know what I mean. I also have downloaded all my photos from the three days Mom and Dad were […]

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