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Monthly Archive for June, 2007

‘Tis the Season

In some states, they’ll tell you there are two seasons – winter and construction. In Florida where I grew up, our two seasons were summer and snowbirds. I’m telling you, in the fall, all the snowbirds would start to arrive, the population in our town would triple, and the time to get anywhere would at […]

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Compare…and Contrast

Remember all the great plans I had for my garden? I did finally plant it about a month ago (much later than I intended thanks to all the rain we had this spring). Here is a picture of my little plot.

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There is hope.

Yesterday, we continued in our effort to potty train Ben. The method? I let him play outside – naked. [Don’t worry, he was in the back yard and our house is very wide and he either plays at the very back (we have a deep lot) or right up behind the house, so I doubt […]

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Yesterday was a bad day. I hardly got anything done, and what I did attempt to do, I did incorrectly, so I might as well have not even bothered. Ugh! I like those discipline books I talked about the other day. They have some really good techniques that truly are effective. But the one thing […]

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Best Shot Monday

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This morning I came across this post over at Kerflop which sent me over to this excellent post about honoring your children and teaching them to work. I must confess, I fall into the category of mother’s who do everything themselves because it is so much easier, even though Ben is obsessed with helping. Yes, […]

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