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Monthly Archive for May, 2007

One of those days…

I’m sitting here on the couch typing on our notebook computer. The windows are open, the birds are singing, there is nice classical music playing softly on the radio. Ben is outside playing. Joey is asleep. It’s just about as close to perfect as you could possibly get. And I deserve it, after all. Joey […]

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Straighten Up

If only I could take pictures as straight as the rows in this cornfield… Seriously…I took over 300 pictures this weekend, and there are more from last week that I still need to go through. I really have every intention of sharing them, but considering the large mass of them as well as the editing […]

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Let the knitting begin…

My statistical analysis is correct. What statistical analysis? you say. Well, when I was pregnant with Ben, there were about ten of us in the class. Eight of the moms knew what they were having. One was having a boy, the rest were all girls. I decided we were probably having a boy…and we had […]

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We’re getting there. Steve’s back is feeling better daily. And the computer? I just have a couple more programs to install and we’re back in business. Seriously. When I originally started backing it up at IBackup, it took two days for all of the files to download from our desktop to the site. I figured […]

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In Honor…

Mikey’s Funnies is an email list I am subscribed to where you get “clean” funnies in your mailbox daily (M-F). This is the one he sent out for Memorial Day last Friday – I loved it so much I just had to share. [I especially like his intro about how we’re paying tribute to those […]

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Our computer died yesterday. I logged on yesterday afternoon to check email. It came up, started checking email, said 5%, 11%…and then the screen went blank. The hard drive groaned, shuddered, and then died. No response when you try to turn it on or off. The fan was still running, though. This morning Steve suggested […]

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