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Daily Archive for April 18th, 2007

A Counting Funny

One thing I did right before our new piano was delivered was to visit the local music store and buy some music to play. Steve had mentioned that he loves the piano playing on A Charlie Brown Christmas so when I saw The Charlie Brown Collection music book, I had to buy it. One of […]

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Deliver Me Now…(revisited)

Okay, if you’re unemployed and the place where you are living has been sold and the new owner wants to let his daughter live in your apartment…you need a place to stay while you continue your job search. First of all, we understand that you want to work in Small City, but considering the fact […]

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Deliver Me Now!

Can I just say that I am tired of trying to reason with unreasonable people? I get one situation resolved and another one crops up. I’m exhausted. Right now there are two situations I’m dealing with – one came up Monday, the other yesterday evening. I dreamed about both of them all night last night…all […]

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