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Monthly Archive for March, 2007

The Waiting Game

Yes, I’m still stuck on St. Brigid. You’d think I’d be over it since I’m taking a mandatory break while waiting for my swatches to dry, but no…I’m still agonizing. The Cascade and Plymouth Galway are very nice, but I’ve had bad experiences with knitting beautiful sweaters with those yarns only to have them felt […]

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I started swatching for St. Brigid last night. Yes, I’m swatching…but for more reasons than just getting gauge. I’m trying to decide what color yarn I want to use…in fact, what yarn to use. The two colors I have in the Classic Elite Skye Tweed are medium dark and light. I’m thinking the cables would […]

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Please excuse my absense yesterday – I was dealing with a minor obsession… You see, there’s this sweater I’ve been eyeing on another blog I frequent, namely St. Brigid. I know, I know, I keep saying I don’t follow patterns – I just knit my own designs – but this sweater was worthy of being […]

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Why I love finishing…

Because you can take “eh” and turn it into “Ahhh!” Seriously…you take something that looks nice but isn’t “together” and by adding a seam or a finished edge, you make something that looks marvelous! [No, sorry, my fellow knitters…I have no desire to do your finishing for you…I simply enjoy doing my own, thank you.] […]

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Happy Birthday, Miss America!

Happy birthday to me! Here is a picture of me with my grandpa who thought I was his little Miss America (or something like that – my mom reads my blog and she’ll correct me if I’m wrong – hi mom!). I’m not telling anyone my age, but here is another picture of me with […]

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Well, it seems I do have a version of Steve’s cold. I’ve been hearing other people talk about it too. It starts out like bad allergies and then you end up bedridden. I can’t say I’m exactly bedridden…but you know it’s bad when I almost don’t want to knit. I got groceries today – we […]

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