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Monthly Archive for February, 2007

On the knitting front…

The other day, I had left some yarn remnants – short pieces trimmed for tails I’d woven – out where Ben could find them and play with them, which he likes to do. He found them and stood in front of the couch (where I usually sit when I knit) and wound the yarn around […]

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Potty Training: Take 1

Monday I decided to make another attempt at potty training. The theory was that I would put Ben in underwear and pants, and when he ran out of clean clothes, we would stop for the day. I put him in real clothes around noon, and by 1:00, we were on the third set of clothes. […]

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A moment in the life of Joey

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My New Toy

Old camera: Olympus D-595 Zoom New Camera: Canon S3 IS Now that I’m able to get much better shots, I need Photoshop so I can tweak the images and make ’em really good! Always something more…

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Public Announcement

One of the silly things Ben has been doing recently is narrating what he sees happening. When I nurse Joey, he comes over and points at Joey and says, “He’s eating milk.” As though we didn’t know. Or he’ll tell us what his toys are doing as he plays with them. “Mr. Bunny is sleeping,” […]

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All the wrong hobbies

I remember a conversation I had once with someone who was not yet a mother. I don’t remember the particular context, but I do remember her telling me that when she had children, she couldn’t be a stay-at-home-mom because she didn’t know how to knit. I found the assumption that those two things automatically go […]

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