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Monthly Archive for January, 2007

My Baby’s All Grown Up! [sob]

I discovered the other day that Joey has learned a new trick. Instead of just flailing when he’s on his tummy, he’s learned how to prop himself up on his arms and look around. See? Isn’t he cute? My baby’s growing up. [sob] I took that picture of him yesterday, and then went back to […]

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Our sweet Ben has had eating “issues” ever since he started solids. It took forever before he would accept them (we finally had to force them on him), and then he has been very particular about texture ever since. He didn’t meet the two year requirement of 50 words and 2-word sentences that speech therapists […]

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Odds and Ends

Sleeping Baby Joey’s waking up after only 45 minutes may be more related to only needing 16 hours of sleep a day – since he gets 12 hours at night, three or four 45 minute naps may be all he needs. Yesterday there was never any spit-up that seemed to be the cause of him […]

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On the Knitting Front…

I got the sleeve’s done on the stripey sweater I’m making. All that remains is the button-band and then the neck-band. Here it is in all it’s glory: No progress on the hat I’m making for myself. I finished one sock – remember, my goal was one sock per month? – and started on the […]

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Sleeping Baby

It’s been two weeks since I decided Joey needed to go to sleep in the evening. By night four, he was going to sleep at 6:30 and I heard him stir a little after 7:00, but he went to sleep on his own…which meant he was sleeping in his own bed all night because I […]

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Shall We Go For a Walk Today

I went out and got the mail Wednesday and it felt so nice to get out of the house and walk that I went back inside, got the boys dressed to go outside, put Ben in the jogging stroller and Joey in the sling, and we went for a walk. It felt great! Now I’m […]

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