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Monthly Archive for January, 2006

While I Was Gone

Quick, hurry, while the internet is up, write an entry on my blog…or at least that’s what I’m trying to do. All week, we have been having connectivity issues. It’s really bad in the morning, then supposedly it gets better during the day, then in the evening it gets bad again. Steve has been going […]

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The Perfect Loaf

Doesn’t that bread look yummy? It’s so soft and nice – see how the slices bend rather than falling like stiff boards? If you think it looks nice, you should taste it. I made it using one of the recipes in my new cookbook: I love cooking, but it has kind of faded as a […]

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My New Favorite Place

Since Steve got his new Notebook computer for Christmas, I’ve taken back ownership of our office. When we shared the computer, I felt his opinion on how things should be arranged should be considered. Now I’ve taken to moving things without asking. Here is a picture of our office last summer: The computer faced the […]

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New Bed

Ben is funny when he wakes up in the morning. If you go in to get him as soon as you hear him, he is grumpy because you went in too quickly and he didn’t have time to “wake up.” But if you give him too much time to “wake up,” he is grumpy because […]

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