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Monthly Archive for December, 2005

The Loot

Yes, Christmas is over, and we got some really nice gifts. A quick disclaimer: we appreciated all of our gifts, and just because something you gave us isn’t mentioned on this list doesn’t mean we didn’t like it. Steve got a nice Christmas bonus from work, which we used part of to buy him a […]

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Christmas Eve-Eve

Steve has both today and Monday off for Christmas. When I told him some of the things I wanted to do this weekend – while he was watching Ben – his comment was “You just want to get away from Ben.” Okay, so maybe so. I mean, I love Ben, but do you blame me […]

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This is precisely the question I asked myself many times yesterday morning. We had an appointment at the dentist at 11:00. It takes twenty minutes to get there. I was ready to go at 10:30…all except for putting on Ben’s coat and shoes. Shoes. Did I say shoes? Where did Ben put his shoes? When […]

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And the answer is…No!

When you’re a toddler, sometimes you just need to have your own opinion. The only way to actually do that is by saying “No.” If you say yes, you might be simply obeying instead of doing what you want to do. But if you say no, it’s definitely your own opinion…and everyone knows you have […]

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Christmas is Coming

I wanted to take a picture of our tree, and of course Ben had to pose in front of the tree…so here is our Christmas tree. It really doesn’t look as bare in real life as it seems to in this picture. Last year when we bought the tree, rather than spending another wad of […]

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Seven, Eight, Lay Them Straight

Yesterday I had to go to town to return a library book for Steve. Of course, while I was in town without a long list of errands to do, I made use of the opportunity to spend some time at my favorite store, Barnes & Noble. One of the sections I visited was the Craft […]

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