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Monthly Archive for September, 2005

Dumb Bunny

When I was a kid and my mom was driving the car and someone in another car did something she didn’t like, she’d say, “Dumb Bunny!” Well, we have a dumb bunny at our house, though a little different kind. It’s this stuffed animal that has something inside it that makes it say “Peek-a-boo! I […]

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Getting the Worm

Yes, I have been getting up early as I said I would be. This morning I woke before the alarm clock, if you can imagine that! My plan when I wake is to do a daily review (aka think through my day and make sure all my ducks are in order), blog, and then do […]

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Back in the Saddle Again

Well, the two books I reviewed on my previous post have been taking a considerable amount of my time as I have been reorganizing my life. I must say, I feel like I have much more room in my head to think now. I also recently came across a blog where the guy talked about […]

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