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Monthly Archive for July, 2005

Dear Hyvee,

I want you to know I have figured out your secret recipe for your soup. Are you ready? 1/4 cup Rock chicken 1/4 cup Rock potatoes 1/4 cup assorted vegetables Water How to make Rock chicken: take nice chicken meat, roast it at high heat until it is so tough even an adult couldn’t chew […]

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So Tired

We’re transitioning to no naps with Ben. He only takes them half the time, and when he doesn’t take a nap, he goes to bed much earlier in the evening. If he goes to bed early in the evening, Steve can study and I can hold Mary Kay appointments without having to worry about getting […]

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Helping Daddy Get Dressed

Every morning, if he’s awake, Ben goes downstairs with Daddy and helps him get dressed. Doesn’t it make you wish you had Ben helping you get dressed?

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What Dump Trucks Are For

My parents bought this truck for Ben for his birthday to play with in his sand box, which has yet to get sand put in it. Anyway…we have rocks up in the flower beds behind the house and Ben decided to “put away” some of the rocks away. Usually he’s throwing the rocks so I […]

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Relaxing on the Patio

We got a refund from Menards for some paint we bought in the form of a gift certificate. So Steve went shopping and found this little chair for Ben. Now Ben thinks he’s big stuff.

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It’s More Fun That Way

For some reason, Ben decided that he needed to put as many toys as possible under his rocking horse in order to be able to ride it properly.

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