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Monthly Archive for May, 2005

Saturday night Steve and I left Ben with his mom and went out on a date to celebrate our three year wedding anniversary. Steve’s mom watches Ben once a week on Tuesday evenings, but Steve uses that time to study and I use that time to do Mary Kay. So when Steve and I are […]

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Making Diapers

Ben wears cloth diapers. We started out using inexpensive prefolds, but I found them bulky and I didn’t like the wraps I was using. Then I went through an experimentation stage where I sampled many styles of diapers and covers. Eventually I settled on fitted diapers with a short rise in front. In other words, […]

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This One’s for my Sister

When I told Traci that I wanted to buy a pair of Birkenstocks because A) I thought they were comfortable and B) I wanted to show off my hand-knit socks, she about had a cow. “You’ve lived in the Midwest too long. You would not wear socks in your Birkenstocks if you still lived in […]

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“Padded” Footlets

I’m knitting a pair of the Padded Footlets from the current issue of Interweave Knits. Needless to say, I would not use the word “padded” to describe them. “Stiff-soled” would be a better description, in my opinion. I am half-way through the decreases on the toe and the sole is stiff enough to make the […]

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Dear Gerber

Are you aware that the spoons you make and the jars you sell your food in are not compatible? Have you actually tried feeding a child using one of your spoons in one of your 3rd foods jars? See how the spoon is barely as tall as the jar? See how the spoon handle is […]

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There Is a Snake in Our Yard!

Last week I bought a new camera. An Olympus D-595, 5.0 mergapixel digital camera. Point-and-shoot with nineteen shooting modes. I was tired of paying to develop film (and not taking pictures because of the cost), and my old digital camera was only 2.0 megapixels which wasn’t enough resolution for me to want to take photos […]

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