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Monthly Archive for May, 2005


I snapped this picture this afternoon while I was outside knitting my Bucket Hat and Ben was playing. Isn’t he cute?

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Bucket Hat

Last summer I bought the Bucket Hat pattern from Little Turtle Knits and knit myself a hat using Peaches & Cream yarn. Well, there was a small problem when I finished: the hat was too big. Theresa had sized the pattern for cotton yarn that would shrink. Peaches & Cream yarn is pre-shrunk. This was […]

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First Kiss

I kiss Ben all the time – after I nurse him, when I put him on the changing table to change his diaper, or just whenever I pick him up to hug him. I’ve seen little kids before who will give you a “kiss” – they’ll open their mouth and then touch their lips to […]

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Steve loves wearing a cap. The first thing he does when he comes home is find a cap and put it on. When he has a cap on, I know he’s comfortable. On Saturday’s, he doesn’t even comb his hair – he just steps out of the shower and puts on a cap. Ben, on […]

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I have terrible eczema on my hand. I’ve had it since Ben was born, though until this winter it was mostly on my fingers and not this severe. Ben has also had it on his knees since last summer. I put stuff on it every day, but he scratches it all the time. We get […]

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The Verdict

Well, I completed the Padded Footlet this weekend and began the second one in the pair. Here is Padded Footlet #1 from the side: I’m about half way through the second one, and it is going much better. I haven’t gotten the knitting so tight when knitting the sole, though I can’t say I feel […]

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