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With Fear and Trepidation

As I may have already mentioned, I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner solo this year. It’s not a problem to me – in fact, I did it one year even when I could have had help just to see if I was up to the challenge (and I was). The difference this year is that I’m […]

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First, I was going to make lasagne for supper. Then I decided I didn’t have enough lasagne noodles. Then I decided to make white chili for supper – a recipe right next to our favorite recipe in one of my Junior League cookbooks. I started by making chicken broth. From scratch. With a whole fryer […]

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Ode to Cottage Cheese Loaf

I must confess, I’m in a rut. But actually, it’s okay. Dr. Oz (on Oprah) said that it’s a good idea to automate two of your meals every day so you eat well without having to think about it. So same thing for breakfast, same thing for lunch, something different for supper. You get the […]

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