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Wide Open Spaces

While my parents were here, we made a trip to the farm. I came home with 175 photos, which is why it’s taken so long to go through and upload them. We visited the farm place Steve grew up on (pictures are now here) and then went across the way to his grandparent’s place where […]

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Vanity Part I

My family keeps bugging me for a list of ideas of what to get us for Christmas. [Yes, I know, it’s that time of year.] Lots of people on the internet are doing gift posts, but usually their posts are lists of favorite things, not what they want for Christmas. At least that is my […]

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In Honor…

Mikey’s Funnies is an email list I am subscribed to where you get “clean” funnies in your mailbox daily (M-F). This is the one he sent out for Memorial Day last Friday – I loved it so much I just had to share. [I especially like his intro about how we’re paying tribute to those […]

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The Perfect Loaf

Doesn’t that bread look yummy? It’s so soft and nice – see how the slices bend rather than falling like stiff boards? If you think it looks nice, you should taste it. I made it using one of the recipes in my new cookbook: I love cooking, but it has kind of faded as a […]

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My New Favorite Place

Since Steve got his new Notebook computer for Christmas, I’ve taken back ownership of our office. When we shared the computer, I felt his opinion on how things should be arranged should be considered. Now I’ve taken to moving things without asking. Here is a picture of our office last summer: The computer faced the […]

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