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Fresh from the Oven

It’s 100% whole wheat bread. Hopefully it tastes as good as it looks. I used the recipe written on the bag of flour shown, mostly.* Don’t you wish you were having lunch at our house? *I used butter on the top of the loaves when they got out of the oven instead of shortening (as […]

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Long Live King Arthur!

Fudge Brownies A few weeks ago at our Wednesday night knitting get-together, someone mentioned King Arthur flour – that even though it was twice as expensive as other brands, it was really good, and once you used it, you would never go back. Consider me a convert. I tried their bread flour first. On the […]

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A Fish for the Fisherman

No, I have not been taking cake decorating classes. My only expertise is the hours I spent watching my mom practice and decorate cakes when I was a little girl. She’d do all these practice roses on wax paper, and then scrape them into a bowl and use the icing to practice with it some […]

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An Experiment

While Mom and Dad were here, we ate at Valentino’s – a famed local pizza parlor. For dessert, we ate cookies. Chewy cookies. Cookies that had substance to them. They were about 3/8″ thick (or thereabouts). My cookies? They’re like the Platte River – a mile wide and an inch deep…the little chocolate chips sticking […]

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