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November Reads {2016}

Recently I tallied up the number of books I’ve read so far this year. Currently the total is 46, not including the 14 books I’ve read aloud or listened to with my kids as free-reads. I have a friend who posts her reads each month, a post I eagerly anticipate and always enjoy¬†(see her November […]

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Read Books

This morning I was so proud of myself. We needed groceries, and I love Starbucks. Usually we do our town day on Wednesday, but since I missed my grocery shopping last weekend, I had just gone on Monday so we didn’t need much of anything. But today we needed to go to the grocery store […]

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Friends I Have Known and Loved

I must confess, when I finish reading a book, it often feels like I’ve lost a good friend. I miss sitting down to read that book, and I worry that none will be able to replace it. These days it takes me the full six weeks allowed by the library to get through a book. […]

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Book Report

A week ago, I talked about some books I had ordered and my great hopes for what I was going to learn. [I was having a low moment as a mother and found myself groping for advice, any advice, that would work and help me feel more successful as a mother.] Now that I’ve had […]

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Books, baby, Books!

I got some new books today. I mentioned a few months ago that I was getting rid of paperbacks I didn’t want anymore via www.paperbackswap.com. At the time, though, I didn’t know how I would be using my credits. I am not one to enjoy reading beat-up books, and used books that you get for […]

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Odds and Ends

Sleeping Baby Joey’s waking up after only 45 minutes may be more related to only needing 16 hours of sleep a day – since he gets 12 hours at night, three or four 45 minute naps may be all he needs. Yesterday there was never any spit-up that seemed to be the cause of him […]

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