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A Virtual Tour

When I rented the lens and flash, they filled out a paper credit card ticket as collateral. Next to the flash, they wrote $300. Next to the 16-35mm lens, they wrote $1200. And those were used prices. I think the flash – a 550 – would have sold for around $500 when it was new. […]

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What I Really Wanted to Say…

So these are my new kitchen curtains. The ones they replaced were hand knit by me to a tune of about 40 hours per valence, if I remember correctly. Since we’re putting the house on the market and the window coverings are typically sold with the house, I wanted to make something else to put […]

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True Blue

We’re getting ready to put our house on the market so the weekend was spent painting, amongst other things. Remember the blue wall? In that picture it’s the same color as it was when we moved in. I love the fabric I made my curtains with, and while the blue wall worked well with them, […]

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Remember my whining about wanting my own header picture like other people have on their blogs? Well, maybe you don’t remember, but I did whine about it. More than once. And yesterday morning, I figured it out. Quite simple, in fact. Embarassingly so. That’s okay. I have a header photo now that I am in […]

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