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I’m deep into preparations for new baby. I kind of held off doing much of anything until we had the ultrasound and found out (hopefully) if we were having a boy or a girl. If we were having a boy, I had a couple things that I thought I might knit, but most of my […]

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A Little Bit of UFOing

Remember my pledge to complete one UFO (unfinished object) per week? I’m thinking I need to revise it to “work on” one UFO every week. This week? I finished machine quilting the second twin quit for the boys’ bunk beds [whenever we get them]. Ah, yes! No more safety pins that might rust in my […]

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If my news yesterday about having our taxes done spurred you into action, you actually have a day of grace. I didn’t touch my taxes yesterday. It’s not that there’s some glitch I need to deal with; rather, it’s that I was tired of sitting at the computer. Instead, I spent my day doing this: […]

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The Loot

Yes, Christmas is over, and we got some really nice gifts. A quick disclaimer: we appreciated all of our gifts, and just because something you gave us isn’t mentioned on this list doesn’t mean we didn’t like it. Steve got a nice Christmas bonus from work, which we used part of to buy him a […]

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Seven, Eight, Lay Them Straight

Yesterday I had to go to town to return a library book for Steve. Of course, while I was in town without a long list of errands to do, I made use of the opportunity to spend some time at my favorite store, Barnes & Noble. One of the sections I visited was the Craft […]

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Grandma’s Quilt

I finished Grandma’s quilt and gave it to her for her birthday while we were in Oklahoma. I tried very hard to finish the other quilt before we left as well, but the tension on my machine went haywire so I had to take my machine in to be serviced. Grandma liked here quilt, though. […]

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