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Fairness Doctrine

I am sitting on the couch feeling literally ill. I couldn’t go to sleep last night – both when I went to bed and when I got up once with Joey. When the alarm went off, I knew it was the end. On one hand, I am so, so tired of hearing liberals complain about […]

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Just One Question

I’m generally not one to discuss politics with people. Unless you see eye to eye on most things, the conversation usually isn’t much fun. But sometimes I wonder how people come to their conclusions, what they’re seeing that I’m not seeing. And I wish that rational discussions between the two sides could be had, because […]

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All the wrong hobbies

I remember a conversation I had once with someone who was not yet a mother. I don’t remember the particular context, but I do remember her telling me that when she had children, she couldn’t be a stay-at-home-mom because she didn’t know how to knit. I found the assumption that those two things automatically go […]

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