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Last Wednesday, the boys and I drove down to Oklahoma for a family reunion. Yesterday, we returned. Before we left, I told everyone we’d be back today. Now I’m regretting not telling them we’d be back tomorrow. Quite frankly, I need a vacation. A sit-on-the-couch-and-knit-all-day-with-not-a-care-in-the-world kind of vacation. Some stats for you: Total miles driven: […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Bookstand

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Eye Candy Friday

This picture was taken three years ago (June 2005) when Ben was almost two. Steve was working on his masters and Ben was an ever present distraction (ask me how I know!). This was one of Steve’s ideas for spending time with Ben while getting some studying done. Such fun! In addition to working hard […]

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Wordless Wednesday: The Blue Barn

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A Virtual Tour

When I rented the lens and flash, they filled out a paper credit card ticket as collateral. Next to the flash, they wrote $300. Next to the 16-35mm lens, they wrote $1200. And those were used prices. I think the flash – a 550 – would have sold for around $500 when it was new. […]

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Boys Having Fun

On of the newest things at our house is the boys playing on the couch. Joey can’t quite get up onto the couch with just his stool, so Ben will push on his little arse and help him up, and then they have the greatest of times on the couch together. You can view the […]

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