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Which side do you like better – left or right? Do you see why finishing is so much fun? Results, baby. Results! And this one’s really rolling. I tried a few different seaming ideas, and settled on the best one fairly quickly. It’s flying. Finishing is so fun, it makes you feel like you just […]

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Well, we seem to be doing pretty well with our daily routine. We made supper, washed the dishes, and did baths before Steve got home from work. The house wasn’t as tidy as I wanted it to be, but it was a far more peaceful evening than usual. We were able to spend the evening […]

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Ah, the joys of raising children? Since you read this blog, I’m sure you’re sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear about Ben’s latest annoying habit. Well, your wait is over. Here it is: Yup, it’s spitting. Here he’s drinking water from a water bottle and spitting it out, but believe me, […]

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There is hope.

Yesterday, we continued in our effort to potty train Ben. The method? I let him play outside – naked. [Don’t worry, he was in the back yard and our house is very wide and he either plays at the very back (we have a deep lot) or right up behind the house, so I doubt […]

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Yesterday was a bad day. I hardly got anything done, and what I did attempt to do, I did incorrectly, so I might as well have not even bothered. Ugh! I like those discipline books I talked about the other day. They have some really good techniques that truly are effective. But the one thing […]

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This morning I came across this post over at Kerflop which sent me over to this excellent post about honoring your children and teaching them to work. I must confess, I fall into the category of mother’s who do everything themselves because it is so much easier, even though Ben is obsessed with helping. Yes, […]

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