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Book Report

A week ago, I talked about some books I had ordered and my great hopes for what I was going to learn. [I was having a low moment as a mother and found myself groping for advice, any advice, that would work and help me feel more successful as a mother.] Now that I’ve had […]

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For all the moms…

To all the women who have children…who are expecting children…who want to have children…who wanted to have children…Happy Mother’s Day! You’re in my heart…

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Mother’s Day

I am so proud of myself! Not only did I buy a Mother’s Day card for my mom, I even put it in the mail. It will actually be postmarked tomorrow because the mail has already gone today, but it should still be there on time. I. So. Have. My. Act. Together. [Hi Mom!] And […]

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It’s a signature Rush Limbaugh line, but I think it more accurately describes mothers with small children. My days seem to revolve around feeding my children and then waiting for them to poop. Hoping that their poop won’t leak out and get on their clothes. It usually doesn’t, but it has enough times for me […]

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One of the things about being a parent is that everyone seems to feel free to harp on you for what you should be doing. Seems. I, being the one who takes everything to seriously, have a lot of mommy guilt over all these things I’ve been told but disagree with. Case in point? People […]

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Mommy Wars

I caught the last half of Oprah yesterday. The show was about SAHMs vs WOHMs. I went to the site this morning and apparently the topic that started the whole discussion was Elizabeth Vargas choosing to step down from her position as co-anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard […]

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