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Silk Road Socks

Over the weekend, this… …turned into this. I think they look so pretty on my toes. And since I’m working so hard on my Florida cardigans, I thought I would wait to cast on another pair of socks until we get ready to leave on our trip. Indeed. Then I clicked on a certain ad […]

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Oh Darn!

The Yarn Harlot has been quoted to have said that when a hand-knit sock of hers gets a hole in it, she holds it over the trash can and says “Oh darn!” as she drops it in. I must confess, I join her in this sentiment. A year ago I knit my mom a sweater […]

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Cookie sheets, cooling racks, pizza pans…and all of the books she could find.

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Juneberry II

I already made one of these: But alas! The last time I wore it, I noticed a tiny hole forming where a moth apparently nibbled at it. I don’t know whether I shall be able to fix it or not. Thankfully, when I originally bought the yarn, I was undecided as to color. I loved […]

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I’m supposed to be editing. It’s a charming pattern, really. Not too hard. Pretty to look at. But I could. not. resist. the Butternut Squash Soup that was sitting in the refrigerator. This is actually bowl two. I’m addicted. It’s all gone now…so I should be getting that pattern finished real soon.

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Working from Home

My office… …and my secretary.

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