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And the moral of the story…

I’ve been thinking more about the failure of those pullovers. It seems as of late that all of the knitting I have blogged about has been a dismal failure. That isn’t true really – it’s that the failures are more interesting to talk about so they make the news. Here’s what happened with the pullovers: […]

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The Return of the King

So I frogged the pullovers this weekend – both of them – and started over. I don’t know what possessed me – if I was just in a bad mood or what – but I did it and I’m glad. I re-graded the patterns. Change #1 – Different gauge. I went with 16 sts over […]

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Then Again…

We live where it gets cold in the winter. As in, we get snow. So hats and mittens and scarves are staples around here. My knitting career – in terms of mittens and hats for my kids – is rather abbreviated. I’ve knit two or three hats and a pair of mittens for them. They’ve […]

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Another One Bites the Dust

Hallett’s Ledge is history. May it rest in peace. I stretched it out to see what it might look like when blocked and then measured it…let’s just say, it didn’t make the grade. I might have made it the size I wanted, but it would have been stretched to oblivion. So yesterday I frogged it. […]

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Excuse Me While I Rant

See this? This is a swatch. You knit a swatch. A small piece of fabric using the yarn and stitch pattern you’re going to use. You knit it. You block it. You measure it. You count how many sts and rows per inch. Then you use those numbers along with the measurements of the finished […]

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Which one doesn’t match? I’ve put these three balls in all sorts of different light at different times of the day and tried to pick which one doesn’t match. I have a 100% failure rate – every time I pick, it’s never the one that’s from a different dye lot. Obviously the UPS man and […]

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