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Joey the Builder

Some of Joey’s recent creations. This was inspired by the picture on the side of the Lincoln Log tin. And the other side. Note the patio on the back. Shall we call this a multi-media creation? And finally…Joey the Soldier. With his sword and shield. Note that his shield features a special “poker” [down by […]

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Deja vu

Joey… …and now Caroline. Caroline is a bit younger, though. {Caroline is 6 months, and Joey was 7 months.} And Joey was actually crawling, though backwards only. When the boys rolled over the first time, it was sort of a fluke – they did it once, and then they didn’t do it again for several […]

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Puzzle Master

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Cookie Monster

Joey loves cookies. Can you tell? These are actually Molasses Cookies from my classic Fanny Farmer Cookbook. Steve requested them, and I’d never made them before. The dough was not like cookie dough at all – I had to add flour to get it to hold together enough to shape cookies. Then they’re bitter, like […]

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Trick or Treat

Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I hate having to come up with costumes. And then you have all that candy sitting around. Just what I need. But for all the trouble, the boys did have a good time. My intention was to send Steve out with them and then enjoy an hour to myself […]

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Oh boy!

Joey turned two last Thursday, and I made him a cake Saturday. Click here to see pictures – it was a blast!

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